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The Best of Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 - Menswear

Without a doubt this has been the best season for menswear at Milan Fashion Week (MFW). Italian men have always known how to dress and finally their style is about to dictate the style of the rest of the world.

Compiling this list was so difficult because each time I would think I had found the best, another designer would show their collection and I would have to reevaluate my choices. I sometimes wished that the collections were shown in New York and London so they too could also have great shows.

MFW has set the standard for menswear and it is time we all paid attention.

Andrea Pompilio
21 June

Reinventing menswear will always be a difficult task. However Andrea Pompilio has managed to find a way to reinvent the way men should style their wardrobe. This collection had all the elements one would see in a man's closest and more.
Jackets, jerseys and even shoes have been slightly redesigned to give men a chance at looking different this spring.

The addition of denim in this collection was great. The silhouette is very boxy and almost reminds one of the '90s urban culture scene. For many years there have been hints of '90s hip hop trends in menswear so it is not surprising to see it again in this collection.

Besides the denim on denim there are oversized sweaters which are beautiful. My favourite is the yellow with the AP monogram. Circles also make an appearance as they are used as detailing for the sweaters.

Denim and black make up the first part of the show and in the middle we are introduced to a brown colour palette. This is one of my favourite parts of the show, especially when the khaki is paired with blue. But the khaki does not beat the few deep red items on show.

The overall colour palette is more suited for a South African winter but it doesn't hurt to wear a winter inspired spring/summer wardrobe.

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Dolce & Gabbana
21 June 2014

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have once again proved that they are the reigning Kings of MFW.
Yes, we have seen this type of show before from the designers but it seems to get better the more we see it.

Sicily is once again the inspiration for the collection and no one can do it like Dolce & Gabbana do.
Printed shirts and embroidered jackets were the order of the day and so was rich fabric.

The collection boasted how Italian men can be extravagant in dress and also simple and classic. There is an item of clothing for every man who knows how to choose clothes properly.

Dolce & Gabbana don't design according to trends, their designs set trends and sheen will walk the runway next year in other collections.
Suits and shirts all had a certain amount of shine and sheen to them but not a cheap shine. Men walking the red carpet next year might shine a bit more than their partners.
For those who prefer not to shine, there are matte items.

I think the most surprising aspect of this collection were the polka dots. They definitely work for women but I have never seen a man try pull them off. They work nicely on the shorts and the shirts but that does not mean one needs to wear them together.

It was a beautiful show which reinstated Dolce & Gabbana's reign as MFW Kings.

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Antonia Marras
22 June 2014

One can't help but notice the soccer theme in this collection. Fabrics were adorned with soccer balls and colour blocking made an appearance in the colours of the Brazilian team.

Whether or not you care for soccer, you have to acknowledge that print T-shirts will always be a favourite amongst men and women all over the world. If soccer balls didn't make up the print of shirts, flowers and a newspaper headline did.

This was not a cohesive show and the soccer theme was not visible in every part of the collection but that does not mean there weren't individual pieces that weren't great.

My favourite item is definitely the soccer ball print shirt and the blue parka. The blue/off-grey items in this collection are absolutely beautiful and is definitely a colour many men should invest in this spring.

The collection was very up and down, hot and cold but I guess men should not be subjected to one look for the whole of spring and summer.

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23 June 2014

A round of applause for Canali. When Scott Disick, or Lord Disick as he would like to be called gained fame from his girlfriend's show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, men from all over the world wanted to dress like him. Suddenly we saw men dressed in suits and ties. The trend worked for some people but even if it didn't work for others they still forced it.
Canali has revived that trend and has given more practical men another way to dress it.

The collection which is made up of coats and parkas looks more like an autumn collection but let's be honest, spring can get a bit chilly.

The colour palette is splendid and is perfect for a winter to spring transition. The introduction of orange and yellow are reminders that brighter and warmer colours go better with summer weather and the colour works beautifully in the collection.

I am not the biggest fan of the shorts and the hats but if you can find a way to make it work, go for it.

I do understand that sneakers have been a big part of 2013 and 2014 but I don't need to see them on the runway as well. Yes, everything goes well with the sneakers but give us something else to look forward to in 2015.

This collection is a true reflection of how Italian men have dressed and will dress in the future.

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