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The Best of Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 Menswear

Dries Van Noten
26 June 2014

It was incredibly difficult for me to judge this show especially because the first look on the runway was a nearly half naked man. I really did not want to add this collection to this post but there were so many good looks that it would have been a shame to have left it out.

I have always appreciated Dries Van Noten's ability to perfectly pair colour and fabrics together and he proved how well he does it in this show.
Another talent he proved he possessed once again was elegantly layering clothes to make them seem like the wind has perfectly blown them into place.

The collection mostly made up of dark colours stuck to Van Noten's usual free flowing style, one which can be adopted by many hipsters and pretend hipsters.

I personally loved how the jackets and jerseys fitted. In spring and summer, if you are to wear a jersey or jacket, it's for decoration and not necessarily function, so there is no need for it to suffocate the body.
All the jackets worn in this collection just sit fine on the models but sometimes look as if they are about to fall off. The shirts do the same but I would prefer to have men wear their shirts buttoned up.

Even though this collection is similar to many Dries Van Noten has done in the past it is different. It is the abstract version of everything else he has done in the past and seems to work.

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28 June 2014

I only heard about Miharayasuhiro this year while I was looking at Paris Fashion Week (PFW) menswear photographs. I am so glad I came across this collection because finally there is hope for menswear.

Print is a staple for womenswear in spring and summer so why can't it be the same for men. The show opened with reinvented paisley shirts, matching trousers and hats. Obviously if print-on-print isn't your style you can always use it to accent your wardrobe.

The collection then transitioned to denim looks, deep greens, olives and redefined leopard and Dalmatian print.

I think it is necessary men flirt with print in spring and summer because it is a great time for fashion and life and why not show it in your clothes.

One thing you will notice is that the silhouette of the clothes are all reminiscent of the military trend we had a few seasons ago. However, very few items of clothing share the same colour as the trend which I think is great. That army green was getting boring.

This is not a collection for everyone but if you can pull it off, go for it.

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28 June 2014

A PFW review will not be complete without Hermés. Brown, grey, prints, mustard, orange and black were the order of the day at Hermés and what a great day it was.

The best part of the collection were definitely the orange items. Designers tend to create darker spring collections so it was great to see that Véronique Nichanian added sunshine to this collection.

The prints which are standard for Hermés are lovely and quite simple which I loved.

The overall feel of this collection was very casual. For men who don't want to look to dressed up on a daily this is the collection for you. As casual as the collection was you can tell that ordinary money won't buy you these clothes. They are of the highest quality and should be worn well.

The parkas and capes are great for summer rain especially for those who live in Johannesburg. They obviously won't be able to withstand the thunderstorms but you will look great while walking in drizzle.

One detail that I loved from this collection was how all the belts were out in the open. Usually only women show their belts so it is nice to see bright orange belts and black belts, it creates another dimension to the whole outfit.

Great show once again by Hermés, they showing how menswear is so supposed to be done.

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29 June 2014

Just as I was about to delete this blog post, Lanvin kindly saved the day.
This is going to sound strange but it seems as if menswear inspired womenswear, inspired this range. At times I actually thought I was looking at womenswear not menswear.

Layering and playing with proportion is usually reserved for autumn and winter but Alber Elbaz, the creative director for Lanvin proves that layers work just as well in the summertime.

Trousers were skinny and loose fit and blazers proved to be a staple.
I loved the inclusion of the skinny scarf. Men usually only wear scarves in winter but we have now seen that they work well in summer as well with both formal and casual wear.

Towards the end we also saw a few crisp white coats and blazers. I absolutely loved them and white is a go to colour in spring.
I'm not a fan of the jumpsuit, I think it should be reserved for children under the age of seven so it really has no place in this collection.

This collection almost illustrates how offices will look when cool guys go to work. The skinny guys who skateboard, wear tattoos on their arms and earrings might decided to get a corporate job and if so, this is how they would dress their corporate attire.

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