Thursday, 12 January 2017


We are 12 days into 2017 and I have already decided that FKA Twigs for Nike is the best collaboration of 2017.

Unlike other collaborations FKA did not only star in the campaign but she directed it, created the soundtrack ... it is basically her campaign featuring Nike.

"It's about what you do in fitness gear," - FKA Twigs

Do You Believe in More is a play on the athlesiure trend through the eyes of 28 year old singer FKA and it features various athletes and dancers. We forever expect athletes to look a certain way but the rise of athlesiure and the Do You Believe in More campaign, athletes now can also use sportswear to express themselves. So please, go to the gym with your face paint and neck pieces.

"To me they represent 'modern movement,' which I define as exploring any genre of sport without boundaries," - FKA Twigs

Even if this campaign is not your flavour, you can't deny the beauty of this campaign and what it stands for.

Congrats FKA Twigs and Nike. You have outdone yourselves.


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