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Norah Jones - Little Broken Hearts Review

Norah Jones - Little Broken Hearts | Released 25 April 2012 | Studio Album

I have loved Norah's music for the longest time. I have been listening to her since the release of Come Away With Me. In the 10 years that Jones has been around, I have never known her to be heart broken. Little Broken Hearts could be one of the most heartbreaking albums I have ever listened to.
The album which has everything to do with her break up with her song writer boyfriend, was produced by Danger Mouse. If heart break was a movie, this would be it's original soundtrack.

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She's 22.

She's 22
And she's loving you
And you'll never know how it makes me blue
Does it make you happy?

I'm holding on
To a thing that's wrong
'Cause we don't belong
But you like my songs
And you make me happy
Does she make you happy?

You can throw away
Every word I say

I'm standing still
On this hidden hill
And I'm looking around
For the right way down
To your distant valley

Your flowers grow in the frozen snow
And I'd like to know if it's all a show
'Cause you sure look happy
Are you really happy?

You'll just throw away
Every word I say
You can throw away

Ooo ooo...

Does she make you happy?
Does she make you happy?
Does she make you happy?
I'd like to see you happy

Little Broken Hearts was first produced in 2009 but because of their dissatisfaction with the album they went their separate ways and Jones released, The Fall which was later released in 2009. The album was later finished in 2011 and released this year.
Norah Jones and Brian Danger Mouse Burton
If you know Norah Jones and Brian Danger Mouse Burton separately you would know that this is a strange combination. It's not what we used to from Jones. She is a lot nicer in other albums. This album is a 360 from what she has done in the past and a clear representation of the kind of work Danger Mouse produces.

There are many Queens of Heartbreak in the music industry, Adele being the most popular and Lana Del Rey giving her a run for her money. But there are very few musicians of Jones class who could deliver an album that is lyrically brilliant and that sounds impeccable.

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Jones does not try to disguise heartbreak as something to be easily forgotten. She makes you aware that it's painful and so does the music.

Very few artists understand music and that is why they can't create something as great as what Jones and Burton have created. They too busy chasing fame and making one hit wonders. If you are interested in listening to music with meaning, this is the album for you. In my opinion this could be her best album since Come Away With Me.

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My favourite songs from the album and the must listen to songs are:
  • Say Goodbye
  • She's 22
  • Travelin' On
  • Happy Pills
  • I Don't Wanna Hear Another Sound [Disc Two]
  • Out On The Road[Mondo Version] [Disc Two]

Happy Pills, the happier song from the album

Travelin' On

You could never be a face in the crowd
So you're travelin' on, travelin' on out
Well you know I'd never say it out loud
But I'll be travelin' on, travelin' with you

Hey I'm too weak it's too much to fight off
The past so strong
But now I don't think too much of the time
I'll just try to keep up

Ooh ooh...
I can't believe what's happening now
Ooh ooh...
I can't believe what's happening now

If you notice that I'm falling behind
I'm taking my time taking it all in
So call me when you get where you're going
I'll keep travelin' on, travelin' to you

Hey don't be too hard on yourself
I'll be okay
Cause we won't leave this place any worse
Than when we came

Ooh ooh...
I can't believe what's happening now
Ooh ooh...
I can't believe what's happening now
Ooh ooh...
I love the way it's happening now

Even though this is one of the most painful albums I have ever heard, it makes me smile. During the course of the album she finally realises that she will be okay without her past lover ... that makes me smile.


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