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The Best of Milan and Paris Fashion Week Menswear

I have never been the greatest fan of menswear. It has always been the same, suits, tuxedos, jeans, hoodies ... same old same old. But with print and pyjama dressing as trends, at least there is hope for a change in menswear.

In this blog post I take a look at two of the menswear fashion weeks, Milan and Paris. Can't say I have a favourite. All desingers showed similar work if not the same at both fashion weeks.

Milan Fashion Week

Burberry Prorsum

I love Burberry because they always remain on trend whilst keeping Burberry authentic and true to the iconic label we have come to known. This show has been a bit more eccentric than others with metallic coats and clutches for men. It's time that men try something different and this show is the starting point for change.

I absolutely love all the prints that have been used in this show, they in line with the recent pyjama trend.
The metallic coats are a little too much for me, yes I would own one but I don't want my brother to own one either.

There was something for every man in this show. The eccentric and the narrow minded benefit from this show.

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Gucci Mens

Colour, colour and even more colour. However, if you are afraid of colour, not to fear, there is something for you as well.

Even though mostly all garments in this show were colourful, it wasn't flamboyant. It still remained very classy and simple.

The collection included suits, trousers, cardigans and man bags. The latest trend, exotic skins even made an appearance.

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Alexander McQueen

One of my favourite fashion shows of Milan. The biggest colour of 2012, blue and it's shades was in use and in the best way possible. 

There was also a hint of McQueen's dramatic use of gold which was complimented black as he usually does with his clutches.

This collection is definitely for the man who can dress well and has a good appreciation for good clothes and quality.
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Giorgio Armani

The collection for the working man. Blues, greys, browns, denim and exotic skins are what bound the collection together.

I love how brown was used together with different shades of blue. I'm not a brown fan, as you know but the colour looked very nice in this collection.

The best part of this collection is that it's not too formal. It's definitely for the younger man. Yes, older men (50+) could wear certain items from the collection. But if I had to see a man dressed head to toe in this collection, I'd immediately think, mid-life crisis!

The accessories are also great. Man bags aren't my favourite but if they look like this I'm willing to forgive.

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Marc Jacobs

I love Marc Jacobs. For me this show definetely complimented the Marc by Marc Jacobs resort collection. Well obviously the Marc by Marc Jacobs resort collection was a lot more dramatic and strange, like Marc.

Once again, a lot of brown in this collection. Browns, beiges, and khakis seem to really be the trending colour this season (goodbye blue). The pyjama trend has also been explored in this collection; whole suits are in stripes or print.

There are a variety of men who could wear outfits from this collection. The man channelling the 1920s, the man channelling Chuck Bass and the quirky man planning an island getaway.
Loved the collection, very versatile and clean.

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Paris Fashion Week

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Menswear is my favourite menswear range, together with Burberry Prorsum.

This reason why Louis Vuitton menswear is a favourite for me is because the shows always have a variety of styles and garments. But they all come together to make a cohesive collection.

This collection consists of suits, clothes suitable for safari and even a day trip to the beach. It's a collection for any man.

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Balmain Mens

This is how contemporary men should dress. Simple, clean and smart. I'm starting to love different shades of brown and khaki, for men. 

I am in love with this collection. If I were a guy, I would most probably dress like this. I didn't love every shoe in this collection, the boots were my favourite and I really hope all the men take not and get themselves a pair.

If there are men who want to change their look, this collection is your inspiration.

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Kris Van Assche

The show started off very plain but it did not get much flamboyant as it proceeded. But it's plain, very clean, sleek and low maintenance, which I do love, for men.

It's also very school boy, chic school boy. In South Africa, many boys' schools wear khaki pants with white shirts. Maybe this could be a new uniform for them?

Love the blue and maroon used in this collection and the shoes are a must for all men.

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Once again, the colour blue starts off a fashion show. Blues, greys, browns, strange unnamable yellows and red were the colours of the show.

The show wasn't too formal which I loved. The sneakers worn with certain looks definitely toned down the show and certain garments.

For me the show doesn't really represent one look in many different ways. It's just many different looks which makes up a show that does not really work as a unit. I guess that's the only downfall of the show. Either way, I still love the colour combinations.

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