Saturday, 30 November 2013

My Photography - Update [November 2013]

Soweto Faces, Johannesburg 2013

By now you should know that I am an amateur-make-believe-photographer. The reason why I do not call myself a photographer is because the title carries too much responsibility. All of a sudden people will be asking you to take photographs at their weddings.
However because I do have a portfolio of work, I thought it would be fair to share the latest photographs I have taken with those who do not follow my tumblr account.

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St. George's Mall
I take photographs of my surroundings and what I think needs to be photographed. Recently the photographs that have been featured on my tumblr account were all taken while at work in South African townships.

As mentioned before, I am not the best photographer in the world, I wouldn't even call myself a photographer, I just like to take photographs. You will find that most of my photographs are close ups because I absolutely love detail. I always try get as close as possible to the subject then zoom in. I don't understand why some photographs need to be taken from far, how will we see anything, unless of course you shooting Lord of The Rings.

To see all the photographs I have taken lately be sure to visit my tumblr account, or follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Alexandra, Johannesburg 2013


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