Monday, 7 November 2016

Natural Crowns on Instagram

How in 2016 we still have to motivate women to embrace the hair they were born with baffles me. But that is a conversation for another blog post. One might say that they don't wear their own natural hair because there is not enough images of women wearing their crowns. Yes, there is some truth to that statement, depending on who you follow on social media. I follow women who wear their natural crowns and thanks to web 2.0, my Instagram explore page is filled with natural crowns.

Seeing women wear their own hair makes me want to wear an afro every single day and if this works as inspiration for me, it can do the same for you. I have decided to compile a list of all my favourite natural queens on Instagram.

Miss Brit Watkins: @bwatuwant

Brit is definitely one of my favourite snappers. Her Instagram page shows behind the scenes of her shoots as well as her personal trips and of course that crown.

Curlture UK: @curltureuk

If you need hair and outfit goals, Curlture UK is the Instagram account you need to follow. Jay and Tri are he founders of the platform that embraces anything and everything black owned. Their Instagram page not only flaunts the businesses they support but also events they attend and their life as natural besties.

Julia Dalia: @julia.dalia

The German model is one third of the blog of Musa Musas. Her Instagram is not focused on her hair but how can you not scroll down to see even more when you land her on Instagram.

Kristen: Krissy Kakess

My favourite selfie queen. If you are not on her page to see how she wears different wigs and weaves then at least visit for her outfits and makeup! She is by far one of the best dressed girls you will come across on Instagram. Very carefree and loves to play around with different hairstyles. Visit her youtube page to learn how she works wonders with her makeup and hair.

Lauren Lewis: @laurenlewiss_

The Vlogger also uses her Instagram like many as a platform to showcase her hair and the products that she uses for it. She has a youtube channel where she demonstrates various routines for hair and makeup.

Rene Danielle: @ownbyfemme

One of the first people I recognised on Instagram for her gold crown. Her hair is definitely work but you cannot help but want the same when you scroll down her page. Her page is not only about hair but also about the adventures she goes on with friends. Be sure to follow her on Snapchat for more insight on her trips. She also has a youtube channel where she talks about her hair routine and life in a new country.

Sunita: @sunitav_

My friends and I say that Sunita is life goals. Judging from her photographs she is living her best life with her Big Hair. The vlogger and blogger gives us a full picture of the life she leads on Instagram and is a true testament that women with big hair need not be afraid of fitting in. I know I hated the stares I used to get when I had my afro out then when I saw how well Sunita wears hers I could not even care less.

A photo posted by Sunita (@sunitav_) on
A photo posted by Sunita (@sunitav_) on

Tylauren: Tylauren

Vlogger and Curl Enthusiast shares images and videos of her hair routines. If you are not too interested in her hair tutorials don't be scared use her outfits as inspiration. She also shares all the products she uses and if you are in the same country as her you can even get discounts off her favourite products.

A photo posted by tylauren (@tylauren) on
A photo posted by tylauren (@tylauren) on

I am so glad women with curls are finally sharing their hair care regimes with the world. As someone with an afro, I was always under the impression that I was the only one who had an intense hair regime. Sleep in messy cornrows and wake up to a #braidout. Speaking of hashtags, #braidout, #twistout, #bantuknots are all hashtags that have only recently gained momentum as more and more women start to embrace their hair routines on social media.

I wish I had South Africans on this list but I can't seem to find any. If you are a South African with a blog, Instagram page or Youtube channel dedicated to hair routines and how you live life with a natural crown, let me know so I can check it out.

I can't say I am much of a natural crown blogger or Instagrammer but I do have a few photographs here and there of my hair and how I wear it. I have never thought of sharing my hair secrets as the very last thing I want to do is trick anyone but if you are interested in learning how I do my hair, don't hesitate to let me know.


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