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The Best of Fall Couture - Paris 2012

Couture fashion is never my favourite. It's a time when designers sometimes go over the edge. There were many of those shows this year, too many in fact. But I managed to sift through all the unnecessary exaggerated fabrics and find collections that were absolutely beautiful and made for a lady.

Surprisingly, nets and veils were a very big trend in the shows. Giambattista Valli, Chanel and Armani Prive (not shown in this post) all had face nets and veils featured in their shows. I don't know what the meaning behind this trend is, but hopefully in the near future we'll be able to find out.

Photos by Yannis Vlamos for GoRunway
Giambattista Valli

It was a flower show at Valli.

Giambattista Valli was thinking of “two parts of a garden—a flower garden and a nymphaea,” or a water lily pond like the one Monet cultivated and painted in his magical scenes, powerfully evoking the idea of light spangling the water’s surface. - American Vogue

Every colour of every garden was exhibited in this show which made it very dramatic. The dresses emulated different flowers and even though it was very exaggerated, it was lovely.

I loved the drama of the show, it is for a true lady. Not all could dress from this collection.

If you look at the behind the scenes photos, you'll see that the face nets were tired up by butterflies which is another representation of the garden theme.

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Photos by Yannis Vlamos for GoRunway

Nothing says Chanel like black and white tweed and that is how the Chanel Fall Couture show started. Karl has always managed to stay true to authentic Chanel and this show as no different.

I love the atmosphere of a Belle Époque tea room,” said Karl Lagerfeld, “very Baden-Baden or Marienbad—but the difference is it was not last year!” - American Vogue

Lagerfeld says the show paid tribute to vintage Chanel which is obvious as the show contains re-worked suits and coats.

The shoes in the show are also on trend with 2012 trends, metal pointed heels as I call it, or platinum toe caps as American Vogue calls it.

I loved the show. If you know me very well you know that Chanel is my first love and this show reinstated my love.

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Photos by Alessandro Garofalo for GoRunway
Elie Saab

Did Elie Saab get his inspiration from Titanic's Kate DeWitt Bukater? Some of the dresses seemed like something she would wear.

Each year Elie Saab always seems to look the same at a glance but different once you take a proper look.

Beaded, black and nude gowns as expected made their appearance in the show. So did these beautiful nude (almost pink) gowns with hints of teal.

One of the most beautiful dresses were the pastel tangerine gowns which were garnished with gold.

Absolutely beautiful and made for a Princess, or Duchess.

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Photos by Yannis Vlamos for GoRunway

Colours of the moment, blue and navy were the colours of the show. But that is not all the show has to offer. Romanticism and decoration are themes that were carried throughout the show.

There is color and romanticism and decoration in the collection aplenty, inspired by their studying of the gem-like color of Gustave Moreau’s Symbolist paintings, William Morris’s Arts and Crafts and Tree of Life motifs, and Giotto’s frescoes.-American Vogue

There was also a lot of sheer and velvet used in this collection. Signature high-necklines were also prominent throughout the whole show.

It's a collection for ladies and romantics. I was glad to see the Valentino Red make it's appearance at the end of the show.

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