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The Best of London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012/2013

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London Fashion Week is always the most eccentric of the fashion weeks. This year was no different. I don't enjoy looking at eccentric fashion, it just doesn't make sense to me. It seemed as if many collections were inspired by abstract art and street art.

Look At The Prints Used At The Mary Katrantzou Show

Antoni & Alison - 14 September

The show was a walking art gallery. This is not my type of fashion but I could not deny the effort that was put into this collection.

The collection clearly inspired by artworks and drawings by the designers which are very colourful and vibrant.

I can't say that everyone will be walking around in artwork inspired dresses but would'nt it be great if everyone did?

If you have no appreciation for fashion you cannot say you don't appreciate the effort and creativity that has been put into these garments. Shows like this inspire individuals and paves the way for new fashion ideas.

Now it's not only fashion designers who can create works of art with clothes. A paintbrush and plain white dresses and you have your own runway worthy looks.

I think fashion should be personally and what better way to make it personal than to create your own clothes.

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Photo By GoRunway
PPQ - 14 September

Someone asked me which direction I think fashion trends are going towards, I'd like to believe we will all be moving towards the PPQ direction.

People have grown tired of simple fashion, which makes me sad but change is good. The louder, the brighter an outfit the better it is to most people nowadays. PPQ was nothing short of loud.

“We’ve created a new word: ‘sophis-cadelic’. It’s psychedelic but I didn’t want it to be hippy hazy, I wanted it to be really slick,” said designer Amy Molyneaux backstage after the show. - British Vogue

Besides the oversized paisely printed clothes, the show also provided sailor themed outfits and surprisingly some plain coloured clothes as well.

For me it was a very holiday themed. This would be a collection I would wear while holiday-ing in Greece or South America.

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I won't be surprised if I see looks like this replicated in South African retail stores.

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Look At The Gant by Michael Bastain Photos

Photo By GoRunway
Matthew Williamson - 16 September

The use of colour and print is what made this show great. Without the colours and print this show would have still been nice. However nice in fashion doesn't cut it. Nice means dull but wearable.

The collection is filled with bursts of colour and fabrics that resemble dip and tie dye.

Many garments were blue in colour but not the royal blue that has been on trend for the past season. Hot pink also made an appearance and so did other ethnic colours.

Look At The Photos From The Matthew Williamson Show Rehearsal and Backstage

The one thing I loved about this collection was how all the pieces are actually so simple if you were to strip them of their colour. Without the colour it's a normal working woman's closet. Add the colour and your personality receives a makeover.

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TopShop Unique - 16 September

To be completely honest I was quite skeptical about this show when I saw the first garment. But I gave it a chance, it's TopShop after all. How I'm so glad I gave it a chance.

This was my sister's favourite show at London Fashion Week and she has every right to love it.

White, black, grey, yellow, shades of blue and beige, florals, metallics and sheer were all part of the show. To be honest the combination of colours and fabrics is not out of this world but TopShop managed to make it look different. Made it look like it was never done before.

It was a collection that featured wearable practical garments but it didn't look too cheap for fashion week.

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Look At The Sunglasses and Red/Orange lips from Holly Fulton

Photo By GoRunway
Temperley London - 16 September

I don't like eccentric and outlandish fashion. I can appreciate it but you won't see me wearing it. I'm not Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj. Temperley London was not completely outlandish but it had hints of eccentricity but not that Lady Gaga eccentricity.

At first glance most people would tell you that they would never wear a half sheer skirt but let's be honest, after watching this show you would.

Sheer has been popular on the runway and will soon grace us with it's presence on the streets.
The nice thing about the execution of sheer in the Temperely London show is that it is tasteful. We didn't see things we didn't want to see.

White was popular at this show as it has been on the runway for the past two years and there were some strange hats which I do not approve of. They detracted the attention away from the outfits.

Royal blue once again graced the runway. Don't think we are running away from royal blue and navy anytime soon but when we do escape it, red and shades of red are next on the list.

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Photo By GoRunway
Burberry Prorsum - 17 September

I've loved Burberry for a long time and I continue to love Burberry.

"I love Burberry because they always remain on trend whilst keeping Burberry authentic and true to the iconic label we have come to known." - my comments on the Burberry Mens Show earlier this year.

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I have the same comments for this show. It was different but remained true Burberry. The show was actually very similar to the Milan Mens Show. That does not bother me because that show was spectacular.

Burberry has been experimenting with metallics for sometime now and the execution of the metallics in this show was splendid. Some of the garments almost looked like they were chocolate wrappers.

There is no need to wear pants this spring. Shows such as Marc Jacobs' New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer show are proof of this. So is Burberry. However the lack of pants was not the emphasis of the show. Capes are going to be the new trend for Europeans this Spring/Summer and for Africans only this Autumn/Winter as we don't have cold summers. Coats were cleverly paired with little cropped capes. Hot pink and bright two toned blue coats also made an appearance which is quite different for Burberry, but I don't mind.

This season Burberry has somewhat detached themselves from their usual look by creating a collection that could be fit for a mermaid. I absolutely loved the show. The fabrics used and the way in which they were used is something that all designers can learn from. Excellent show indeed.

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