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The Best of New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012/2013

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This year I took fashion week more seriously than ever before. I wrote down the schedules of all the shows in my notebook, even signed up for photo alerts on British Vogue.

To me fashion week is Wimbledon to a tennis player, chocolate cake to Bruce in Matilda, Heaven to a Christian. It is the greatest thing that has ever existed.
Many don't know this but the designs showcased at fashion week determine what almost everything in the world will look like.

Look At The Escada Collection

Blue, white, pastels, stripes and floral prints were the order of the day at New York Fashion Week. A lot of the garments were also very organic looking and if they weren't they were borderline safari. If the shows weren't organic, delicate and pretty they were safari inspired or it was designed Marc Jacobs.

Look At The Jenni Kayne Collection

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Jason Wu - 7th of September 2012

Jason Wu was one of New York Fashion Week's standout shows. It was just amazing! Yes, I have a bias towards Jason but no one can deny how beautiful this show was. A bit raunchy with all the leather but it is very easy to tame these looks.

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Leather isn't really a spring fabric, but neither are the colours black, navy or any dark colour for that matter. We are all so used to wearing florals in spring and summer but what do we wear when the sun sets?
The garments may not be practical for everyone but fashion isn't only about the clothes. It is about the idea the designer was trying to portray. Does Wu want us to wear navy and leather in spring? Most probably.

Look At The Jason Wu Makeup Formula

The collection is very feminine with a little danger added by the leather. It is not a collection for everyone's taste but you can't help but appreciate how well constructed everything and how the whole show works well together.

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Look At The Jason Wu Backstage Photos

Look At Dennis Basso's Collection

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Christian Sirano - 8th  September
The project runway winner who coined the term fierce had a somewhat un-fierce show this year.

There was more romance than fierce which is not a bad thing at all because this collection is fit for any lady. The very ready-to-wear collection included garments which were a very soft pink to subtle prints.

The show is definetely more spring than it is summer but only because we are used to wearing very bright eccentric colours during summer. We haven't had a summer were one wears pastel and neutral colours in a very long time. With all the white, neutrals and pastel that were seen on the runway this season at New York Fashion Week, we are hopefully going into a calmer spring and summer this season.

It was a beautiful, clean and simple collection that included clothes for anyone and everyone. If you lucky enough to buy the whole collection, buy it. You can wear each piece at a different event and any type of event. If you planning a wedding, don't be scared to look for wedding and bridesmaid dress inspiration at this show.

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Look At The Shoes Worn At Altuzarra

Pierre Balmain - 10 September
If you know me very well you'll know that I absolutely love simple fahsion. Don't give me eccentric accessories matched with even more eccentric fabrics. Give me something classy and elegant that can be worn in any season during any trend.
Not all the Pierre Balmain pieces can be worn during every trend but that won't stop people from trying.

Peplum, black, white, floral print and tangerine were the order of the day at the show. I'd never wear black in spring/summer, well let me say I'd try avoid wearing black.

This collection isn't out of the ordinary. There aren't any items that will change the way we look at fashion forever but that isn't the point. This collection teaches one how to dress. Isn't that what we want? To know how to dress? If you can't afford the collections shown at fashion weeks at least be able to re-create your own wardrobe according to them and Pierre Balmain teaches one how to do that easily.

The collection is definetely for someone who doesn't take fashion risks but is always on trend which means it's presence at fashion week won't last long but we will be seeing these looks being re-created by people for their everyday wear which has a stronger presence than fashion week popularity.

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Look At The Calvin Klein Show and Backstage Photos

Photo by GoRunway
Jenny Packham - 11 September

If you aren't attracted to the simple lifestyle, I hope the movie star lifestyle is your favourite. New fashion favourite Jenny Packham exhibited a collection fit for a princess or anyone who wishes to be one. No wonder the Duchess of Cambridge loves wearing her gowns.

This collection is for women who love glits and glamour, others need not pay attention.

The collection which was inspired by the rat pack and their Las Vegas adventures has gowns made with sequins and crystals. The Christian Louboutin are also covered in glitter to go with the theme.

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Even though this collection is ready-to-wear it is not every day wear unless you are the Duchess. However if you have a school dance coming up, wedding ... Academy Awards, this is where you will get your inspiration from.

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Look At The DKNY Show And The Backstage Photos

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Carlos Compos - 8th September

It must be very difficult to design menswear because men are generally boring when it comes to clothes. The Carlos Compos collection isn't out of the ordinary in terms of the garments but it is his use of colours that have made this collection stand out in my eyes.

The show started of with a somewhat mint-hospital green. I haven't seen a green like this worn on the runway in a long time, especially by men. It then moves over to a very clean white and later on to yellow and colbat blue.

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Now blue and white have been trending on the runway since 2011. The yellow is a colour we haven't seen in sometime. But it's not the colours that make this collection different, it's the use of colours. Whole outfits are one colour which I love ... but to be honest, if I had to see men wearing whole outfits which were one colour, I'd probably cringe. But somehow Carlos Compos makes it work.

Look At The Carlos Compos Behind The Scenes Photos

This collection won't change the way men dress forever but it will influence which colours get chosen for retail store clothes which eventually influences how everyday men dress to work and anywhere else.

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Look At The Marc Jacobs Show
Look At The Head Wraps Worn At Marc by Marc Jacobs

Photo By GoRunway
Oscar de la Renta - 11 September

Before the Oscar de la Renta show started, Oscar's PR Girl posted some backstage photos of the models getting ready. When I saw that rainbow coloured hair pieces were being put into the models hair, I thought we were in for disaster. I can't say the rainbow hair pieces, which were a trend at fashion week, were my favourite but the clothes made up for it.

I have a bias towards Oscar de la Renta but who wouldn't his work is always so elegant and beautiful. For me this show was very '90s inspired just because of the silhouettes. There are a few blazers and pencil skirts fit for the working woman.

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It was a very strong collection and each piece made it's own impact.
The nice thing about de la Renta is that he knows how to make too much look just right. Almost every fabric imaginable was used in this show but no one is complaining because it looks like it was meant to be there.

This is a collection for the working woman, or at least a woman who wants to look busy. It is a very romantic and sophisticated collection, the only thing we expect from him so it comes as no surprise.

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Look At Oscar de la Renta's Childrenswear Show and Backstage Photos

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Marchesa - 14 September
Another collection which I have a bias towards is Marchesa. If I was an actress, I'd only wear Marchesa on the red carpet and at awards. If I was a princess, I'd wear Marchesa every single day.

This seasons Marchesa show was very similar to the show Karl Lagerfeld put on last year, The Chanel Paris-Bombay Show.

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The show is Indian themed which I loved. It only makes sense that Marchesa would be inspired by Indian culture because their gowns are very beautiful and are usually have intricate designs.

White, orange, gold, deep purple and pink were the colours of the day. There was also a hint of a '20s flapper girl in the collection. I loved '20s fashion and if were to trend I would want it to be as elegant as Marchesa has made it.

This collection wasn't the strongest collection at fashion week but it is one that I will remember because it was so different to any other. Vera Wang also used India as inspiration but not how Marchesa did.
It's a collection for a woman who loves beautiful glits and glam.

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Look At The Bags From Diane von Furstenberg
Look At The Bags From The Proenza Schouler Show

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