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The Best of Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012/2013

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Paris Fashion Week, the more dramatic of fashion weeks. This year was no different. Designers were pushing the artistic boundaries with their collections and the fashion show sets were all part of the magnificent show they all put on.
Surprisingly many shows seemed very Vivenne Westwood, maybe that's because plaid seems to be on trend. There are were a lot of heavy fabrics showcased and dark colours. Designers do not want us to enjoy a bright spring/summer season.

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Anne Valrerie Hash - 25 September

Fancy being a mermaid? This collection reminded me of mermaids, minus the tails. The silhouettes were very sleek and slim which can be flattering at times.

Some outfits were paired with sheer little blouses which I absolutely loved. I want one for myself.
Usually sheer is matte and shiny sheer looks cheap. But this sheer had a gleam. Almost looked like fish scales.

In terms of colour Anne Valerie Hash decided to keep it very simple by using colours that sit together on a colour palette.
Nudes, pink and shades of their colours were used for the majority of the collection which made it very romantic.
The staple colour in every fashion show, black was also used for jackets and dresses.

The collection is very romantic and can be worn by any type of woman. You need just make sure you wear it well for yourself as some of the fabrics can be very difficult to wear.

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Dries Van Noten - 26 September

One of the Vivenne Westwood styled shows was Dries Van Noten. Plaid, check, grids, anything involving lines intersecting each other was used for this show as a print. Not to mention flowers, which also made their appearance in the show.

In terms of colour it was a very dark show, not like that is anything new at fashion week. This colour palette included navy, deep purples and shades of brown.

Something that we have not seen much of at Fashion Week this season is layering.
At Dries Van Noten, plaid shirts were paired with metallic plaid sleeveless jackets. Sheer plaid blouses paired with navy sleeveless jackets. Yes, this isn't heavy layering but considering the temperature conditions in South Africa during Spring and Summer, it counts as heavy layering.

With all the plaid, check and flowers the collection is a bit overwhelming but it seems as if dressing loud is the new trend. However because dark dull colours were used for the collection, the outfits are almost not loud enough.

One of the reasons why I love this collection is because it was a brilliant creative effort. Who would have ever paired plaid with florals? Who would have paired plaid with check? Fashion shows that show creative initiative are always needed because they pave the way for more creatives to be different.

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Balmain - 27 September

The show was inspired by the '90s and this was not difficult to see. The collection was mostly made up of power dressing pieces. Strong, statement shoulders, crop tops, leather and denim all added to the '90s theme.

Black and white which isn't anything new for Balmain made up the bulk of the show and so did the somewhat isometric grid (pattern) that has become synonymous with the brand.

Some of the shoulder silhouettes were a bit overwhelming, but it's Paris Fashion Week so the bigger the better.

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This collection is not a collection for the everyday-woman. It's very editorial and I feel like only a few pieces could be featured in one's wardrobe.
However, that does not mean you can't re-create and interpret the style in your own way.

In previous fashion blogs you might have heard me saying that the runway determines how we style ourselves. Clothes in retail stores are based on runway trends and judging from this Balmain show and many shows before it this season, black, white, strong shoulders and any type of fashion statement are definitely the new trends for this season.

When making a fashion statement, take inspiration from Balmain's collection. Either let the whole outfit be a statement, or wear one piece that is louder than the whole outfit put together.

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Lanvin - 28 Septmber

Seems like Lanvin prefers to live on the dark side. The very square and very dark collection promoted power dressing which sometimes seemed like it was inspired by Lady Gaga.
The gold necklaces which were paired with the garments acted like time machines which bought the collection back to 2012.

When colour finally did appear it was still very autumn if you ask me. Nothing really screamed spring/summer. The colour actually reminded me of the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010/2011 show.

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So why do I like this show if I only have negative things to say about it so far? I like it because it was is so painfully simple but somehow still so very nice. The fact that the jewellery is also what sets it apart from being something we have seen before is also a nice touch. Jewellery and accessories are becoming a very big part of creating whole outfits and deciding how are outfits are perceived. This is all thanks to the statement necklace trend.

Symmetry was not a theme in this show and I loved that. The collection managed to flirt with the lines of asymmetry by adding one shoulder dresses. Some left shoulders were slightly cut out.

If you didn't like the clothes at least appreciate the shoes and the jewellery.

I guess another convenient thing about this collection is that it can be transformed to an autumn/winter collection very easily. Just add stockings, boots and a jacket and you are set for winter.

All in all Lanvin presented us with a very simple 90s-power-dressing themed and at times borderline tuxedo inspired collection which I absolutely loved.

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Carven - 28 September

This season Carven gave us suits, cutouts, midriffs, bright red and a few prints along the way.

Seems as if power dressing is back on the fashion trends menu. At least Carven's power suits are paired with skirts which makes it all the more feminine.

The suits actually remind me of German war uniforms. Not only does the colour contribute to the war similarity but so does the style of the coats and the shoes paired with them.
If we were to go to war again, this is what I would wear. However it might not be practical as some coats featured cutouts.

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Once again we are witnessing another dull show in terms of colour. Designers do not want us to indulge in bright colour this season.

Straight collars were part of most garments which means that the trend of buttoning up to the top, which I partake in, is going to be with us for long. However Carven did not just leave the straight collars for shirts. Coats and dresses also featured the collars.

I can't say I agree with the cutouts. I think it's a creative way to show some skin however is it necessary? If it is not worn well or not worn on the create body type it could be a problem.

Even though prints can bore one, the prints exhibited at the Carven show managed retain the youth of the very serious outfits.

If I had to put associate this collection to an age group I'd say 25-40. There are several items each person from that age group could pick for themselves to wear to work. It isn't the collection for a night out. At least you can wear the sunglasses to any occasion and they have no age limit.

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Chanel - 02 October

No Best of Paris Fashion Week post is complete without Chanel. I'd like to think I've blogged about Chanel more than any other design house. Can you blame me?

With every post you'll notice that I always say that Chanel today is the reincarnation of Coco Chanel's vision when she was still at the helm.

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Black, white and grey which usually makes up the bulk of Chanel collections was also the foundation of this collection. Leather, polka dots and oversized sleeves were all showcased at this season's show. Not forgetting coats, statement jewellery and the unforgettable Hula Hoop Bag.

Colour was illustrated with hot pink coats, bright cobalt blue cropped pullover and skirt and green tweed.

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Garments were paired either with little black gloves or heavy necklaces or bracelets.

Is it just me or are the shoes similar to Prada shoes? The platforms at least. Whatever they similar to, I don't like them. They a bit too Prada for this show.

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Towards the end Chanel dipped it's feet into the floral trend by showcasing short and long flower printed dresses.

All in all Karl Lagerfeld showed us how to dress according to a Chanel inspired Spring/Summer. In terms of fabric it seems as if it is a very heavy season coming up ahead but because it's Chanel I know many will make a sacrifice.

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