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The Best of Couture Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2013

The most dramatic fashion week of them all has come and gone. Couture Fashion week was never my favourite fashion event but over the years I have grown to love it. It is more art than fashion as only the very best can wear couture. Because we all won't be able to wear couture, it is for dreamers and there is nothing better than dreaming about fashion.

02 July 2013

Once again Chanel did not disappoint. In terms of aesthetic, it was the usual Chanel we are used to but it had more of an edge. Not only does it seem a lot more edgier it also looks a lot younger. Even though it does appear to be a lot younger, there are various pieces that can be worn by anyone of any age group.

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There was something very Cher from Clueless about this show. I think it is the coats, blazers and matching skirts. It is definitely something the new age Cher would wear. Cher from Clueless lived in the '90s which means this show should remind one of the '90s. As much as it is similar to '90s Chanel, it is also very futuristic.

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The metallic sheen on some of the garments and the boxy silhouette definitely makes it look like something Tilda Swinton would wear in a sci-fi film.
I love the addition of the little hats even though it does make the show look more ready-to-wear than couture.

If you interested in the make-up aspect of fashion shows, a very romantic look has been used. Eyeshadow goes beyond the eye and into the cheek bones and even higher. A look one should definitely try and can be work in summer or winter.

From far this looks like an ordinary Chanel show and one would think it does not deserve praise. However if you look at the details and the construction of the fabric you learn to appreciate the workmanship behind these clothes and they become even more beautiful. You even forget that they are clothes and begin to think it is art, which is what couture should be.

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As usual Karl Lagerfeld has managed to breathe new life into Chanel but has also kept it the same Chanel we know.

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Elie Saab
03 July 2013

This year Elie Saab showed us what he shows us every single year, beaded luxurious gowns. The one thing that was different was colour. This year the colours seem to be inspired by jewels such as ruby, emerald and sapphire.

Last year Elie Saab mostly used nude colours, a few greens and black. This show was a lot darker and a lot simpler than last collections as well. It also looks a lot more Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera.

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This collection mirrored every Elie Saab show that has ever been shown which makes one wonder about his creativity. Even though it was not something completely different you cannot deny that it is a beautiful show and it is what one would want to see actresses wear down the Academy Awards red carpet.

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Over the past two years I have seen some of the worst Academy Award Red Carpet dresses. Hopefully stylists pay attention to Saab's collection and realise what makes a red carpet dress.

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Elie Saab still makes some of the most beautiful dresses in the world but he needs to learn how to evolve the label. We are all becoming tired of the same dresses with sequins. Nevertheless he is still a King of Couture Fashion Week.

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Giambattista Valli
01 July 2013

Last year Giambattista Valli changed the way we see florals with their absolutely beautiful collection. It was the most beautiful couture collection last year and this year they did not disappoint either.

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This year the Giambattista Valli flowers also bloomed but this time they were fit for a bridal party. This collection offered something for a bride, bridesmaid, mother of the bride and guests of the wedding. Not only is there a piece for everyone, there is also a piece for every personality.
Whether you plan on being a romantic bride or fashion forward bride, there is something for everyone.

If you aren't planning to walk down the aisle anytime soon does not mean you can't admire or even buy pieces from this collection.

Besides wearing these gowns at a wedding, they can be also worn down the red carpet but could be seen as a risk. There are very few women who could pull off this look down the red carpet but those who do will look absolutely beautiful and fashion forward.

To appreciate the beauty of Valli's show be sure to look at the close up photographs of the collection.

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This is Giambattista Valli's third showing at couture fashion week and the collections keep getting stronger every season. We will be seeing of the Italian designer years to come.

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Giorgio Armani Prive
02 July 2013

The best collection to come out of couture fashion week this season was Giorgio Armani Prive. Everything worked at this show and it made other collections look like school projects. The collection which is fit for a modern day Daisy Buchanan also featured the best hair and makeup.
The hair and makeup was not loud which suit the ethereal look of the show.

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The collection was entitled Nude and that is what made up the majority of the collection.
With all the fur coats this definitely was the most glamourous collection and is fit for a Queen or diva.

The almost transparent gowns at the end of the collection are my favourite and I would love to see women wear it down the red carpet and use it as inspiration for weddings, matric dances and anything else that requires a gorgeous gown.
I also love how embellishments were kept to a minimum which is proof that sometimes less is more.

Giorgio Armani created a collection for a mature woman who is not afraid to experiment with fashion.

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